The Castle of Vitány:
it was firs mentioned in 19379, between the two big towers is the castle-annex. During the Ottoman Turk times, it was a border fortress. The ruins of the towers are still standing one floor high. The scenery is beautiful.
The Castle of Gesztes:
Surrounded with forest up on a steep hill. The builder might have been the Csák clan in the XIIIth century. It is a tourist hotel nowadays. The wiev from the top is splendid.
The Benedictine Order's church, founded by the Csák clan in 1146, has two aisles and was built from beautifully cut stones. The ruins of the walls are still 5-6 m high.
Tata a vizek, parkok, kultúra és sport városa.
People already lived in Majkapuszta in 1252. There are the 17 separate hermit's abode of the kamadulian seclusion founded in 1748, the remained tower of the Baroque church, the castle, the beautiful statues of the surrounding walls' gate, and the parks' huge silver firs. The little chapel in the forest is a historic monument. Near the road to the hermit.., there's a fishing lake, you can find an ancient monumental watermill following one of the lake's outflows.
You might want to see Vérteskozma as well: untouched nature, old peasant cottages. The nearly 1 km long village is surrounded by forests. Can be reached by foot or car too.