Vértessomló was always a lively area of the Karpathian-basin, archeologists found artifacts of the Romanic Empire, as well as a stone-axe from the very dawn of human civilization, when metals were not used at all. The old name of the village, "Semele" comes from the distant past also. King Andrew I. defeated the army of Emperor Henry III. Who was the head of the Holy Roman Empire. The village's name comes from the name of the armours the retreating army left behind, which is called 'vért'. After the Mohács Rout (1526) the Ottoman Turk invasion completely demolished the village of Semele too. It was deserted for yearhundreds. Than from Bayern and Würtzburg germans have came and settled down in this area. The people with unremitting zeal and firm doggedness have made a golden living out of the rich fields and forest.

It is still a neat and quiet village without industry nor lumbermill.
The vilage has a populaton of approximately 1300, from which 80% are german.

You can find there the following establishments and services:
    •  Kindergarden
    •  Sports hall
    •  Primary School (with upper level german branch)
    •  Post office
    •  Bank
    •  Roman Catholic Church
    •  Outpatient Clinic
    •  Militia, Fire Brigade
    •  Public Lybrary, Community Arts Centre
    •  Mayor's Office
    •  Telehouse
    •  Shopping and tertiary industries